Sunday, March 17, 2013

Love is war

picture by Barbara Unterberger
Yes, you read the headline right: Love is war. You maybe think: What? Seriously? Think I might be kidding or lying. I guess so, because you know that love is the opposite of war. And I am pretty sure that was your first thought, so you think I have to be wrong. Well, I'm gonna prove you that we both are right.

Remember the time when you were head over heels in love and you fought for someone or someone has fought for you? Back then you did everything to impress that person, that he or she will pay attention on you. You did everything that he liked you, that he would be able to fall in love with you.

Fight is something that we know from war, and certainly we hate war, so we hate fighting. But fighting for what or who we love, that is something different. Because it is a fight in which no one will get hurt – oh wait, what if you figure out in the end, that he doesn’t like you at all, he is not interested, or has already a partner? Well, then someone is hurt: you. I don't want anyone to go through such a situation. But sometimes you have to, to find out the truth. 

It can also be possible that two guys fall in love with the same person, and the two of them fight for the one love. Certainly one will be hurt in the end. Someone will suffer. And it can become bad, really bad. When two girls fight for one guy – it can become ugly. No one wants to be involved in such a war.

A war is bad, it is hard, it is horrible, anything but good. Fighting against someone is simply wrong, but fighting for someone, for the one you love, fighting for your passion or your dream to come true, that's a good fight. And that one is always worth fighting for, no matter if you fail or succeed. And if it's not working the first time, keep fighting, don't give up and one day you will be successful.

Yes, love can be a war, too. It’s not just the opposite.
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