Friday, March 7, 2014

The mistreated wish of all

What has everyone in common? The wish for freedom, the wish to be treated equally, the wish to be herself or himself. But why do some guys still think they can decide how everyone has to live? Today I read in the newspaper about Uganda and that gay people were treated like criminals there. They have to go to jail when two men or two women kiss in the public and openly say they love the same sex. When people know someone who is gay, he or she has to tell the government or even this person can go to jail. When I read that I was thinking: what the heck is wrong with such people? Why do they think true love is a crime?

Love is not a crime
pic by Lisa Spreckelmeyer

About 100 years ago, and way before, people married just for having a family. Love was not what really mattered. But these days we know that no one can survive without love in her life. It does matter. Love has many sides, you do not only love the one you wanna kiss all the time and have intercourse with. It’s also how much you love your friends, your parents, your kids.

Only the one who has love in her life, has a real life. 

Who am I to tell someone else how to love? You can’t force anyone to love anybody particularly. You can’t. Love is something that no one can describe, but only feel. There is no right or wrong. People who say God made Adam and Eve and not two Eve’s or two Adam’s, well, to those I say, that God made different people. Everyone is unique, everyone is special in her own way. Everyone is an individual. And how would it be if some gays would go to such guys, who think that a man can only love a woman and vice versa, and tell them: you are a man, so you have to love another man or you will go to jail! What would these people say, if they were treated that way?

There is so much hate in this world. And also so much crime. When I read the newspaper, when I watch TV. I don’t wanna be in the Ukraine right now. Why are people fighting? Why do some guys want to control everything and everyone? Why are some people harming other people?
The wish of everyone is to live peacefully together, but Utopia is just an utopian dream. Because everyone wants it, but so many don’t allow this to happen. There are people who have a vision, and they want others to follow their rules, to do what they want. But when other guys try to tell these so called „leaders“ what to do, they have to suffer for only trying to be against or just questioning them. 

In what poor and cruel world do we live? As much as I enjoyed watching the Oscar’s, I also thought of some homeless kids, who have no parents and have to steal food to survive day after day. And there in Hollywood you see so much glam, so much money, such a perfect world. Utopia does exist, it’s called Hollywood. It’s not that I think all these people don’t deserve this, they worked hard and everyone who won, everyone who was nominated deserved this, but these people have so much money, too much they can actually spend on stuff they really need. And on the other side of the world, too many people have to starve. They have nothing. So where is the „everyone is equal“ that you can read about in the Bible? 

People who work hard should earn money, so for sure. But when someone earns $ 50 million every year or even more, what can one single person do with so much money? Why needs Bill Gates $ 76 billion? For what? One single person? 

Some people beg to survive, and other people don't know
how to spend all their money.
pic by Alex Proimos
There is so much that I don’t get in our world. The life we have is a gift, it’s unique, it can’t be replaced, there is no restart button. So, the dream of everyone is Utopia, is to be a part of Hollywood, the perfect world. But nothing is perfect. Perfection isn’t real. But everyone can do her best, so we all can move a bit closer to perfection. Accept everyone for who he or she is. Don’t try to force her to believe and do what you do. You don’t want others to force you to live their lives, do you? When no one gets hurt, (and it doesn’t count that a man feels hurt when he sees two men are kissing, only when he tries to start a war, with words or weapons, THAT will really hurt people!), love is just that: love. Special, and the most beautiful thing in the world everyone should accept and appreciate.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if Ellen DeGeneres would be the next President of the United States. That would cause some kind of a revolution. Maybe one that is needed for some guys to understand that women have the power, too, not only men, and that nobody should be judged for who she is and how she loves. Everyone deserves equal chances to show what they are capable of, no matter which sex, religion or where they come from.

Allow yourself the freedom to be who you are!

This song called "Utopia" by Within Temptation is already 5 years old, but the first time I heard it was just a few weeks ago and since then I love it. The lyrics are so true.

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