Friday, June 22, 2012

Infinite Eternity

What if there would be a place where everything is so much slower? People would easily become 300 years or even older. The youth would be endlessly, or at least feel to be like that. When you could get older, but only by age. Would you like that? Would you like to go to that place?

When I read a magazine, or watch TV, I mostly see such beautiful and young people. It seems like only they are interesting. But what about the older ones? They are important, too. Commercials make us think that we all have to be young or look like that. So maybe some of you would say that they would love to go to that place. But I think we look the way we feel.

Sometimes I think back to my childhood, and sometimes I think how great it would be to go back. But my childhood is gone, not completely as I still have some wonderful memories, and I also think there is nothing bad about being some kinda childish sometimes, like playing games and stuff like that. In my mind we have to go on, we have to live our life. I wouldn’t want to stand still. And can you imagine a world in which are only young people and you can’t see how old he or she is?

I enjoyed watching the movie “In time” with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried. In that movie no one can become older than 25, then their clock starts ticking. They work to get more time and also have to pay things with their time which is always shown on their lower arm. This would totally freak me out, because I would always watch how much time I have. So it’s better I don’t know that exactly.

Last week was the first time I watched a whole Star Trek movie which was about a place in which everything happens so much slower than somewhere else. You have more time to live. But do you then appreciate your life more? When you know it’s endlessly? Wouldn’t you be bored sometimes or take your life for granted? You would just live every single day, like your time on your arm would show hundreds of years.

Life has so much to give, so much to offer. We should take the opportunity when we recognize it. Every single moment can be something special. We don’t need hundreds of years to see the beauty of life. It’s not the amount of years we collect, it’s what we make with the very few we get. And then, at least this moment, can feel for us like being forever.

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