Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What's the No 1 on your wish list?

“Soon it’s your birthday, my dear, so tell me what are your wishes?”

You probably have heard this sentence or something like that when someone asked you for your wishes. People around us are caring, and some are asking because they want us to be happy, they don’t want to buy something we already have or don’t know what to do with. Using the new media makes this even easier because we can write wish lists, e.g. on Amazon, and send this via email to all our friends and relatives and they can choose what they wanna give us.

But are all the wishes we have price tagged? What about to keep well and fit? As well as our family and friends? Do we take healthy for granted or can we wish for something that remains the same? Can we only wish for something we don’t have?

You probably think now, when someone asks you for your wishes he or she wants to buy something so you send her or him your wish list or tell them. They might look confused if you say “I wanna be forever healthy”, or anything like that. But it is a wish and they asked for one. In our life everything is about money and the value of something. But the things that are really necessary in our life, can’t be bought with any money.

Take a minute or some more and think about your priceless wish list. What do you wish for? Only monetary things? I guess not. The biggest wish everyone has is also mine: liberty. We all want to be free, not just the Americans. If we don’t have freedom, well, that would be another blog entry.

My priceless wish list

1. liberty
2. my family and friends keep well and fit
3. I keep well and fit
4. my family and friends stay with me
5. no fight between my family members (including or excluding me)
6. trust and loyalty between me, my family and friends
7. go on enjoying my life
8. successfully helping my friends/family whenever they need me
9. being accepted and respected, not only tolerated
10. being heard
11. having the chance to live my life and make my own decisions
12. meeting and chatting with lots of different people all over the world
13. finding love instead of hate
14. discovering me and my truth about at least my life
15. making fascinating experiences


Anonymous said...

When it comes to people buying me gifts and asking me what I want, I always give the same answer. I tell them I want them to know me well enough that they don't have to ask.
As far as my priceless list

1. freedom
2. self-love
3. truth
4. family & friends

When I have these 4 things, everything else falls into place - happiness, love, trust, patience and health

Great post!!

Tina Fariss Barbour said...

Great post, Sanny! My priceless list would include

*peaceful spiritual life
*health and happiness for my husband
*health and happiness for my cats and my family and friends
*finding and fulfilling my purpose in life

You're right--the most important things are priceless!

Sanny said...

You're right, Renee. A close friend hasn't to ask, because they know you and what you want and like. And most of all it's the gesture that counts and not the worth of the present. The fact someone thought about you, is much more worth than the actual price.

I really like your priceless wish list. Thanks for your comment.

Sanny said...

Health and happiness are really important for everyone's life. Love your list.

Thanks for writing me.

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