Saturday, June 2, 2012

Obvious isn't obvious

An accident had happened right next to you. What are you supposed to do? You are in a shock. You wanna run away but for some reason you can’t. Your feet feel heavy like lead. You can’t move. Later the police will arrive and ask you what had happened. What will you tell them? Have you seen anything? No, you came too late. Do you even remember anything of the accident?

Another situation which is not that dramatic, and so more possible: The teacher stands in front of the class, gives everyone a topic to write an essay on. You all have the same thing to write about, but will you write all the same? Hopefully not. You won’t use the same words, won’t write the same sentences. So it is the same with the accident. Two people have seen the same, but haven’t.

We all focus on other things. We find other things interesting and necessary. And that’s good. I mean imagine a world in which everyone thinks and likes the same things. There wouldn’t be a wide range of things in the world. We all would be equal and wouldn’t have a chance to get in touch with new things. We can’t see it in a different view, and no one has to convince us about anything. We can’t find anything new because there is no ‘new’. We don’t even have to meet new people because they are exactly like we are. They like the same things, they have the same clothes, they like the same music and watch the same movies.

So even when you think, that something you see is obvious, that everyone sees it like that, you are wrong. Nothing in our world is obvious. Maybe for us, but not for all of us. Luckily we are all different. That obvious isn’t obvious is obvious for me, but was it also obvious for you, before you read that blog entry?
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