Thursday, June 7, 2012

Life's a play

After months on the run, every city becomes a blur. Every disguise takes you one step away from your true self. Finally, you forget who you are. But you never forget who you’re after. And so it begins. 

This was the start of a commercial series, made for Hilary Duff’s clothing line FEMME for DKNY Jeans. This was about three years ago, but I watched it again yesterday, and I still like it. It is a story, something extraordinary. You see this, and the last thing you think about is: this is a commercial, isn’t it? On the website Hilary wrote that with the different characters she played in the seven parts of this mini-series (the vid on my blog is only the first part, the others can be found on youtube), she wanted to showcase the versatility of every woman (Femme is the french word for woman).

It’s a chase. In the last part we saw two cops, who wanted to chase her all the time. In the end, they are really close to her, but did they get her? Well, just watch it and see.

I also like the fact, that we all sometimes feel like being on the run. That someone wants to chase us, but we don’t wanna let that happen. So we change our clothes, try to make an illusion, that no one can find us, no one can unravel our mystery. We wanna stay a mystery, because we wanna be interesting. But the more we disguise, the more we try to hide and pretend to be someone else, we lose ourselves. Life is a play. No curtain falls, but lots of guys are in the audience watching us. Everytime and everywhere. We are the protagonist of our own play. No rehearsals.

Of course it makes fun to be someone else, but only sometimes. When I watched the German musical ‘Linie 1’ in 2008, which is by the way one of the most successful and most performed German theater plays which was also enacted in cities like New York, Paris, Amsterdam, Kalkutta, London and Paris, I still remember one line of it:

Everyone is an actor, but only a very few know that.

It’s on you to think about that. I only wanna add that we don’t have to showcase everything to everyone. Acting is a good thing, but when we are too good and forget who we are, it’s really bad. Everyone has so many different sides and everyone should explore and change and stay curious, but also always find back to himself or herself. That at least you know who you really are.

PS: If you wanna know more about ‘Linie 1’ or Hilary’s clothing line, just write me.

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Tina Fariss Barbour said...

"Everyone is an actor, but only a very few know that." That is so true. I enjoyed your discussion of this. We all do have different sides, different costumes, but I agree that we should always come back to who we are.

Thanks for you kind comment on my blog!

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