Monday, March 26, 2012

Everything started with a big BANG

First there were only little strings, tiny, very small. We wouldn’t be able to see these. (Sheldon).
Then there was a force, pulling them together and push them far away with an immense power (Leonard).
They are moving into all directions until they found their place to be, forming something completely new. (Raj)
Some smaller reactions which came out of the explosion seem to pass them very fast, wanna find a place in between, looking how everything looks like. (Howard)
Going down on one single planet, it starts small there again. Tiny little lives crawling on the ground. (Bernadette)
They started to develop. When their brain increases, varieties of life were formed. (Amy)
About 14 billion years after it all began, so much had happened and changed. Life is still small compared to the huge size of everything, but had grown to what we now know best. (Penny)

You all probably know now what I am talking about: the Big Bang Theory and the Big Bang Theory. I actually don’t know why the show is really named like that, never heard or read it anywhere. But this is what I found out the longer I thought about it. And it fits perfectly. Do you still remember the pilot? When Sheldon and Leonard wanted to start new lives? You think they didn’t but actually they did. When they came home and saw Penny, she was their big bang. She turned their lives upside down, she was expanding more and more and soon they can’t imagine how life was like before she was there. And vice versa. Penny would probably never considered that or convinced herself to be true, but the boys were her big bang. She got another point of view on things she never thought before. They were expanding in her life and I don’t know if she could live or imagine her life without them anymore.

That’s what the show makes to almost all of us: it came like in a fraction of a second into our lives, expanding there more and more and still, and we can’t remember how our life was like without it. I read so much about the show, and I saw how it became more and more successful and I thought about it.  It is not just well played, also the writing is incredible which is, because i also love to write, more on my focus. It’s actually funny, really funny. I do never laugh so much while watching any other other show. Maybe it is also because the show is made for the audience. Having a real audience let the producers and writers see directly if a scene was funny or not. And if not they can change it till it airs on TV. I guess that’s another big point about it.

I don’t wanna go any further right now, because I know that there was already written so much about it. I just found my truth behind it and I like that fact, at least for me because I don’t really know if it’s like that, that everyone can cause a big bang in someone else’s life. Sometimes we have to let new people in to change our life, to expand, to give us another point of view on things we never thought about before, and we can also be this person to others.

So go out and create, be a BIG BANG.
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