Monday, March 26, 2012

What's worse: failing or never trying?

Have you ever thought about to do something? Something that could possibly change your life? But you never tried it? You probably thought about failure so you didn’t dare it to try? And afterwards you were angry about yourself for not trying?

Why do you sometimes wish so badly to do something and you know deep inside that you want to do it, but you are afraid? You know what you have right now, you are enjoying this and you know it works. So why change it? Why change something in your life when everything is perfect the way it is? Why do we feel sometimes like we need a change? Well, we all want constancy, and not. We know that we can’t do one single thing forever, for the rest of our life. Because life has so much more to offer, and we don’t want to say that we haven’t really lived and didn’t try everything we wanted to, when we know it’s over and we have to go.

Imagine you get the amount of 86,400 every single day. How would you spend it? You know that you can’t save it but you get the same amount every single day. You wouldn’t waste it, would you? You would say: oh I could buy this and that, travel around, visiting new countries, I wouldn’t have any worries, I would quit my job, enjoy my life, do what I want. The fact is, that we get this amount every single day but how do we use it? Doing nothing? Doing always the same things we don’t really want? Don’t try to do anything new or different because we don’t dare? We are wasting so much of it but in the end we only regret the things we don’t do. When we feel to change something, then don’t hesitate too long, just try. If you fail, you can say, at least I tried and now know I don’t want or like it as I thought I do. But you will never know if you haven’t given a try.

I know it’s hard to bring yourself to do something. But it is always worth trying. Nothing lasts forever. Grab your chance, think about it and when you come to the conclusion that you really want this, go for it. Try it and do the best you can. And if you think you can’t do it now, never forget it and try when you are ready. But never stop dreaming because our dreams animate us to try, to think about something else. It encourages us, let us see new possibilities and gives us opportunities.

86,400 is the amount of seconds every day has, don’t waste them.
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