Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The perfect day

We girls love to think about romantic stuff and one most important in our lifetime will be, of course, our wedding. We think about it as the one special day on which everything is perfect. Some wanna have the greatest church, with lots of candles and red roses. Others prefer to marry at a beautiful beach down a bay where they can sit and watch the sun going down. Whatever you wish it like to be, you have the perfect picture of it right in front of you.

But why do we think so much about it and the men not? Why do we want it to be very big and having extraordinary wishes like pink dyed poodles, what Renee on Desperate Housewives told Bree she wants to have for her wedding? Why do we want stuff like that?

Well, I guess some of us also believe in the prince coming to us riding on a horse, looking better than anyone else, with the perfect body and a charming smile. He just comes into your life, gives you a red rose, whispering you the sweetest words in your ear you’ve ever heard, you feel your knees getting weak and so he carries you onto his horse and bring you into his beautiful palace.
And even we know that this will definitely not happen, most of us believe it like that. When they found the right man, and got a romantic proposal, they have nothing else than 'planning the perfect day' in their mind. Do I want doves? Which church? How to decorate it? How many roses? Do I want a horse-drawn carriage? And most important: the dress. A beautiful white dress. With flowers on it or not? What kind of bag? What jewelry? Which hair accessories? Where do you go afterwards for dinner?

So many questions will cross your mind. But don’t you think that you forget about the main thing? The really important one? The reason for your marriage? Why do people marry? They say “yes” to each other in good and bad times. They want to be there for each other whatever will happen. The reason for a wedding is love. Isn’t this the main and most important thing? Why do people care so much about everything to be big and glamorous? Why is a dress and a place so important when the only ‘thing’ really important is that the two persons who want to tie the knot are present? You look for everything but you don’t really care if anything is missing as long as the man you love is there. Honestly, when I think about my wedding, I don’t care that much about all the material things, as long as I know ‘he’ will be there, I know that everything will be perfect.
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