Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Tower of Babel

You know that story from the Bible, don’t you? People who wanted to go to God and therefore they built a tower to reach him and because he didn’t want that, he gave them all different languages that they can’t talk to each other anymore and with no communication they can’t go on building the tower.

Nowadays we know how important it is to have language skills. The more languages you can talk the better are your chances to find someone to communicate with. It is important in your job as well as in your social life. We need languages everywhere and everyday. Talk is not just for girls, the boys do it less but they do it.

The main language is English, though more people speak Chinese what not so many guys may know, but it is more difficult to learn, very difficult. English is not so much. We see it more often and everywhere, not only in the USA, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand. Everywhere we go people understand and talk in English. Most computer programs run in English, the Internet, so many guys all over the world watch their favorite TV shows in English, because most good movies and TV shows come from the United States. We listen to English music, read English books and magazines. And we mostly, when we live outside an English speaking country, we use it while spending holidays abroad.

English is important to learn, to know. But also other languages, e.g. Spanish, French or German become more and more popular. They are more difficult to learn, but the more you know the more are you ask when you apply for a good job. You have to negotiate with people all over the world, the global market is important and the more languages you speak, well, the more people you can talk to. And that is necessary nowadays.

So tell me, do you speak any foreign languages? Are you interesting in learning one and if so, which one? I speak English, German and French. I started learning Spanish and also think about learning Greek because my cousin lives there with her family.  I like to talk to people and use my skills so I can test what I still know. With the internet I get the chance to talk to so many guys all over the world which is the best practice not to forget what you’ve once learned.

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