Thursday, March 29, 2012

'A' mystery

The guys of you watching Pretty Little Liars now know finally who is ‘A’. She was there all the time, following the girls, not on twitter. That is the only way of following someone that would no one drive crazy. She was there and though no one thought about her. The girls considered so many other guys and probably you, too. I have to say, that I mostly thought about Melissa, I never had Jenna in my mind because I thought this would be too obvious. But I never thought about Mona. She was just too close with Hanna and I could not understand why she would do such a thing to her best friend.

Of course she had a reason doing that. Not that much liked her at school, she was mostly like a freak. No one saw her, but all saw Alison. That was hard for her to handle but has should this be a reason for killing someone? The guys saw Alison but was that only in their minds? And did Mona also kill Maya? What did Mona really know about Jason? Does she know that he is Spencer’s brother? Does she also know about the Jenna thing? Why was she following all the guys? Really only because Alison and the girls took Hanna, her best friend? Did she really feel betrayed in some way? And if Dr Sullivan just vanished and later reappeared, is it possible that the body who was found wasn’t really Alison’s and she is still alive, having an eye on the girls? But then why wouldn’t she tell them about everything she knows?
It’s all a whole mystery, so many questions are still in my head, even if I now know who ‘A’ is.

But it also let me think about what jealousy (leaving the fact out here what Mrs Sullivan explained about Mona’s having a real, serious problem, too) can make some guys to do. Alison treated Mona really badly and surely she didn’t deserve that, no one does. But Hanna was still a friend of Mona so why killing Alison? Or treat all these guys, including Hanna, more bad than Mona was ever treated? Did she think that’s the only way for justice, revenge? But that won’t make her better than Ali. Revenge is never the right solution. It will start a circle, you treat me badly, I treat you badly. It will never end, but the smarter one has to stop. You can’t forget things but you have to forgive. Talking is always the best. If you feel you were treated wrong, go to these guys and talk and don’t do the same to them. Show them that you are better than that, and smarter.

I don’t know if that was really the main reason. As we saw in the last scene there was another guy and maybe he or she had brought her round to do that. Said that she had to do it and because she was weak or still is, she did it. People do things when they want something so much and someone is offering exactly this to them. So maybe this person told her, how she can have the power, being in the spotlight. Everyone will see and talk about her. She will be the No 1 and that is what she wanted.

But is this the best? Being No 1? When everyone knows and talks about you? And like that people now talk about Mona? What do you think is that other person? Is he or she involved? And can you understand Mona, why she did it? What is your opinion about that all and about jealousy? 

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