Monday, July 2, 2012

What are you looking for? -Part 1

This is the first of 22 parts from my first script named 'What are you looking for?' Next part will come tomorrow.

The entire crew of the Big Bang Theory is making a break. While Jim is reading an Agatha Christie on his Kindle, Johnny is phoning with his girlfriend and Simon is doing the referee of the TBBT ping pong champion’s ship between Kaley and Kunal. Kaley looks into Kunal’s eyes intensively, she let the ball jump on the table, and grab it with her left hand.

Kaley: You better give up. You don’t have a chance and you know it.
Kunal glimpsed: You believe that. But you are the only one. I’ll beat you.

He goes down, moving to the right and left like a boxer in the ring, preparing for his fight. He clapped the paddle onto the table.

Kunal: Don’t you dare. C’mon, Kaley. You can’t change what has to come.

He smiles, seems certain of his win.

Kaley: I just wanna give you time to give up. Still waiting for you to do the smart turn.

Kaley goes down to hold eye contact with Kunal. She takes the ball, and let it fly over the table. Simon is standing beside it, he is excited, smiling all over his face, looking at the one who is talking, like already that would be the game. He follows the ball with his eyes, and goes a step left and right, following the ball like a dog follows his bone.

Simon: Yay, yay. This is so exciting.

His voice goes higher, almost sounds like he’s squeezing. This irritates Kunal, who jumps aside, holding his ear.

Kaley: Ha, dude. I said it. You should better believe the blonde. She’s awesome. And no one is better than her.
Kunal: Oh come on Kaley. This is unfair. What can I do when Simon sounds like a baby?

Kunal turns his face to Simon, raise his eyebrow, narrows his eyes, and looks reproachfully at him.
Simon tries to defend himself, smiling again, looking confused and doesn’t understand he did anything wrong. 

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