Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What are you looking for? -Part 13

This is the 13th of 22 parts from my first script named 'What are you looking for?' Please make sure you read the first twelve parts before - you find them below that post. Next part will come tomorrow. 

Mayim comes next to Melissa, standing in front of the girl: So what is your intention? Why are we here, or why does it look like we are on the bridge of Star Trek?

The girl smiles, passes the girls and go towards Johnny, Kunal and Simon.

Girl: The number five is a special number and the season five was so in-depth. You can find so many things about life, just behind the lines. And is on you to find the keys. They will help you to see the apartment again. Now it’s like you are blind, but you are only blinded because you only believe your eyes. You know exactly how this set looks like and where everything is. Nothing has changed. Just the way it looks to you now. Open your mind.

The girl vanishs. Everyone take a step where she stood, looks around and seems shocked.

Kaley: What kinda keys?
Kunal: You are the smart one, as we now know. Tell us.

Kaley looks at him, anything else than amused about it.

Kaley: But my mind is too brilliant for that easy-peasy thing here. I am acting again, to let you shine. So take your chance.
Simon: Oh come on. You just don’t wanna say that you don’t know it. But back again to the girl. Why has she vanished but everything still looks like Star Trek?
Johnny: Because she never was here.
Kunal: Are we dreaming? Has she poisened us?

Bill swings his sword, walks through the room, tries to imitate its sound.

Bill: Ziou-ziou, chhhhhh. Oh look at me, don’t challenge me. I will win. I am a sword master. No one can win against me. I have the power, the power is with me.

He gazes at it, the others look confused at him.
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