Thursday, July 19, 2012

What are you looking for? -Part 14

This is the 14th of 22 parts from my first script named 'What are you looking for?' Please make sure you read the first 13 parts before - you find them below that post. Next part will come tomorrow. 

Mayim: What is so great on a simple candlestick? Why is it so easy to make Bill happy? Or to let him drift into another world, or where ever we are.
Johnny: Okay it seems like we have to do this without Bill’s help. And with our new super genius.

He looks at Kaley, who only nodds and smiles.

Kaley: Right guys. Penny is not like Sheldon, she allows you to shine. So act like suns. Brighting up everything around us, like Jim did.
Johnny: By the way, where is he? He was gone after he helped the girl, creating whatever it was to dazzle us and let us see this here.
Kunal: We should find him.
Mayim: She said he’s fine, hasn’t she?
Johnny: But do you believe her? After all she did, and said?
Simon: You are the scientist among us: could it be possible what she said?
Mayim: Maybe. I never thought about that. It sounds possible to me. Like in a computer. There is everything made out of zeros and ones, but we see so much more. And everything is made of various atoms, they make the form of every body. But to change the code of something, that the sunlight is reflected differently on it, so it looks differently in our eyes – I never really thought about that.

Kaley sighs, put her head into her hands, and rests her arms on her lap.

Kaley: So this is all not what it looks like. We are not on Star Trek, this is still Big Bang. We are still in the apartment. We don’t have to believe our eyes, we have to see with something else.

A light is sparkling in front of her. Falling down and stopping right in front of her eyes. Kaley grabs for it, holding a key.

Kaley: Oh my God. That’s the first key. I got it. I am so smart.

She jumps off of the couch, smiles all over her face and start to dance and sing.

Kaley: I am the best, I am the smartest, no one is better than I am.
Johnny to Simon and Kunal: Now, she is completely gone.

He looks up in the air, and turns his head away from her. He sounds a bit frustrated. Kaley stops singing and dancing and turns to Kunal, Simon and Johnny.

Kaley: Oh, I’m sorry guys. I wanted let you shine. Maybe this was the Sheldon in me. The proof for you, that I am the smartest. I am holding the first key.

She holds it with both hands and smiles and makes little jumps.
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