Thursday, July 26, 2012

What are you looking for? -Part 19

This is the 19th of 22 parts from my first script named 'What are you looking for?' Please make sure you read the first 18 parts before - you find them below that post. Next part will come tomorrow.  

Mayim, lays her arm over his shoulder: The relationship between Amy and Sheldon isn’t also that what most people would have expect. For some it might not even be a real relationship. I think according to this, there are so many possibilities for being happy, there shouldn’t be only one definition.

Kunal nods: You are all right. Raj isn’t alone. He never was and never will be, because of his friends and family. They care and wanna help him, and he will find the right partner at the right place and time.

Sparkling light comes down in front of Kunal.

Kunal jumbs up in the air, grabs for it and dances like in a Bollywood movie.

Kunal: Got my key, got my key.

Simon holds his right hand in front of his eyes, and shakes his head.

Simon: I can’t look at this. He can be more embarrassing than Raj.
Kaley, looks at Kunal, laughing: I like Bollywood movies, especially the dances, the dresses of the girls and the pure romantic.

Johnny, who finally sits down on his desk chair: This looks like a dream life. So colorful and romantic people everywhere.
Bill: But some dreams can come true. Look at this.

He tries to imitate a fight with his laser sword.

Bill: No one can win against me. I have the sword and now I will control his ship.

He walks to the control panel of the Enterprise, or what looks like that, but in fact he walks behind the couch. Everyone looks at him.

Kaley: He totally lives his dream now.
Mayim: He made his dream come true when Leonard Nimoy and Stephan Hawking came to us. I guess this was his hightlight of the fifth season.
Simon: Like Howard, Bill make his dream come true. He worked and tried and never stopped to believe in his dream. Finally, it became reality.

Another sparkling, this time in front of Simon, who happily and smiling grabs at it.

Mayim: Oh damn it. I am the smartest here, but the last one to get the key.
Kunal: Bill also hasn’t gotten his, yet.
Bill: Ready for take-off. 3-2-1.

He pushs some buttons and starts the ‘ship’. He leans back like it would actually start.

Simon: I don’t think he is interested in finding his key.
Johnny: Yeah, he is deep in his dream. Like being caught.
Kaley: Okay, I think we have found the real geek on this.

She stands up and goes into the kitchen, stands between Kunal and Mayim, leaning her right arm on Mayim and the left on Kunal. She looks at Mayim.

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