Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What are you looking for? -Part 18

This is the 18th of 22 parts from my first script named 'What are you looking for?' Please make sure you read the first 17 parts before - you find them below that post. Next part will come tomorrow.  

Kaley: Ahhh, cold milk.

Everyone turn to her who tried to drink the milk but as she still can’t see the bottle, the milk is all over her face.

Kaley, frustrated: I hate that. I wanna see again.
Johnny, smiled: You’re the milk lady.

Kaley focuses him, leans her head towards her left shoulder and throws the bottle at him, but doesn’t hit him.
Kaley puts her hands over her head and leans back into the chair.

Kaley: Oh come on, guys. You are actors, so just act like the super geniuses you play on that show. Solve it as quickly as they would do it, because I really need to see things again the way they are supposed to be.
Johnny: You still have milk on your face, baby girl.

He grinned by saying that, and Kunal and Simon join him.
Mayim, who leans on the kitchen table, is thinking.

Mayim: As I am the only one with a real PhD I guess it’s on me now. Unbelievable that I still haven’t gotten my key. I must miss something. Anything about Sheldon and Amy.
Johnny: I guess everyone has to find his or her special thing that occurred to our characters. At least it fits to Kaley and Melissa, but I’m not so sure about mine.

While Johnny is thinking and tries to find his desk chair to sit down, Simon sits down on the floor and looks like he tries to meditate.

Kunal: What is that supposed to be?
Simon: Maybe this helps when I listen to my voice within. Try to find it, focus on it and then the answer will appear right in front of me.

Simons closes his eyes and begins to meditate.

Bill, still impressed looking at his sword: You know that Dharma’s not on Big Bang?
Simon, opened his eyes: What?
Bill: Dharma would have meditated but I guess this won’t help you here. As I said it has nothing to do with Big Bang.

Kunal bends down to Simon, asking him: What is he talking about?
Simon: Guess Dharma and Greg, the show he did before Big Bang. But I haven’t thought about Dharma. I just try to find a way, to find my sentence, my truth, my key.

Kunal claps Simon on his shoulder, stands upright again and walkes to Mayim in the kitchen.

Kunal: Maybe you are the only one who try to think like that. It’s nothing Howard would do.
Simon: Yeah, the only one who would do stuff like that is Raj.
Kunal: Don’t say anything about bad him. He is the nicest guy on earth and the only one without a girl friend. That’s not fair. He should be happy, too.
Simon: Yeah but it’s hard when he can’t talk to women without being drunk.

Simon stands up from the floor and stands next to Melissa who holds her key tightly with her hands.

Kunal: I think he will soon figure out how to solve his problem and then he won’t be alone anymore.
Melissa: Do you really think he is alone? He has friends and his family to support him.
Kunal: Yeah, parents who think he’s gay. That’s not help.
Melissa: Maybe he finds a man who makes him happy. There’s nothing wrong with that. As long as he is happy. And I think he will find his perfect partner. Girl friend or boy friend.

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