Thursday, July 12, 2012

What are you looking for? -Part 9

This is the 9th of 22 parts from my first script named 'What are you looking for?' Please make sure you read the first eight parts before - you find them below that post. Next part will come tomorrow.

Mayim: What did just happen? Where are they?
Simon looks confused: And where are we?

Everyone is looking around.

Bill: It looks like the bridge of Star Trek. But how…?

Melissa sighs: Not even from here I can see everything coming. Better I’ll find a way to go down again. Then I am not so frustrated about not seeing so much. Having an overview without actually having one.

She climbs down the framework which looks like the wall of a space ship now. Bill and the others walk around the bridge. Kaley walks against something, she only feels it but can’t see anything.

Kaley: What is this?
Girl: You are still in the apartment, the same place. Nothing has changed.

Bill: Where does that voice come from? Girl, you are gonna get big trouble.

The girl appears behind Simon and Kunal. She is still calm, sounds friendly and doesn’t seem to care about what the others are saying.

Girl: You know about physics, don’t you? It is like in the computer, everything we see in there are in fact only zeros and ones. Two numbers with which so much more can be created.
Mayim: What do you wanna tell us, huh? How do you dare to simply enter our set, doing whatever you did to Jim and bring us to whereever we are?
Girl: As I said, I haven’t brought you anywhere else. And it’s still not imortant who I am. And Jim is fine. Believe me. I am here to show you the truth, and therefore you need the one sentence of truth.
Kaley: Which sentence of truth? Come to the main thing.
Girl: Look, it is all so simple.

A big board comes down like the curtain from the used-to-be framework of which Melissa climbs off. She and the others look at the big board, seeing various atoms on there.
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