Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What are you looking for? -Part 12

This is the 12th of 22 parts from my first script named 'What are you looking for?' Please make sure you read the first eleven parts before - you find them below that post. Next part will come tomorrow. 

Melissa: So you say, what we see isn’t real? That we are still in the apartment? And that you aren’t here? But why can you talk to us?

The girl smiles, turns to her.

Girl: First good question of today. Seems like someone is listening to me. You are in the apartment, and no I am not here. Why I can talk to you, well, it’s on you to figure that out. I guess you are all smart geniuses.
Kaley: Not me. You have to tell me.

She holds her arms crossed in front of her chest and shakes her head.

Kunal: She is just our ping pong queen. No one is better than her.
Kaley. That’s right. But you don’t have to be smart for that. I mean not that I am stupid, I am just no genius.
Girl: But Penny is an actress, isn’t she? So maybe she is smart enough to act like the stupid blonde, that the brillance of the boys can shine more.

Kaley thinks about that and smiles.

Kaley: You are right. I have never seen it like that. Oh my God, Penny is the real genius on that show. Everyone think it’s Sheldon but it’s Penny. This is not what it looks like – now I understand what you’re saying.

She grins, sits down on the couch again which is still there but can’t be seen. So it looks like she’s sitting in the air.

Kunal rolled his eyes: Why have you said her that? We liked it the way it was.
Simon looks at him irritated: You always saw it like that? Seriously?
Kunal: Of course not. But first you helped her winning ping pong, and now she finds out she is the actual star of the show? Do you really want her to believe that, too? She totally lives in her own dream world.
Simon: Yeah I know what you mean. It’s not good for her. We should bring her down, show her the truth.

Melissa goes to the girl, looking into her eyes, and asking her in a harsh voice: Do you mean I am a big girl? In body size? Because it doesn’t look like that.
Girl: It depends on who looks at you. No size is big or small. At least not for everyone.

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