Monday, July 30, 2012

What are you looking for? -Part 21

This is the 21st of 22 parts from my first script named 'What are you looking for?' Please make sure you read the first 20 parts before - you find them below that post. The last part will come tomorrow.  

Kaley: Yay, we all have our keys. So what’s next? Where’s Jim?

She looks around like everyone, except Bill who is still controling the Enterprise from the couch.

Bill: Ready for landing? Mission’s almost accomplished. Need to go back to normal, need to leave the Enterprise.

Kaley: I like the back to normal and leaving that here. I mean I know we are still on our set but why can’t I still see the things the way they are?
Mayim: Maybe we should find a door.
Johnny wonders: What door?
Mayim: I don’t know. But what do you open with a key?
Melissa: Maybe we have to use all six keys to open sixth season?
Kaley: The door to sixth season? And where is that door?

Bill: Right in front of you. As we all live in our own imagination, we can’t trust our eyes. Everything we see is created in our brain. Everyone focus on other things, and two people see the same but don’t. That’s why nothing is ever what it looks like.

Kaley: What is he talking about?
Kunal: I am not so sure.

Bill: Life is like a computer game, we have the control panel of our own charater in our own game called life. We never play that game alone. We need people to realize our dreams. Believing in them and working hard to make them come true. With their help we can manage all obstacles in life.

Kaley: I still don’t get it.
Johnny: He is refering to everything on fifth season. All the things we figured out.
Kaley: So he was listening? Thought he’s miles away.

Bill, pointed to Kaley: See, this is what it looked like to you. But it’s not what it actually looks like. I am always here, even when you think I am miles away. And so we are all on our set, though it looks like we are somewhere else. Everything can occur to us, change us. And everything is needed to let us grow and continue our game. So let’s finally land and accomplish our mission.

He looks at the couch again which still looks like a control panel.

Kaley: I am not sure, if he is really awake like he said. Or if he wants to look like that because it doesn’t look like that at all. Oh my God, this confuses me.

She rests her right elbow on the kitchen table and holds her head with her right hand on that.

Melissa: We should put our keys together. With everything we learned we can open the next chapter to learn more. More about life, more about relationship, maybe more about physics, too. We’re gonna have definitely more fun.
Leonard: Okay, let’s try this. Come on guys. We make a circle.
Kunal: The circle of life. I love the Lion King.

He smiles while he’s walking in the middle of the room, meeting the other guys and forming a circle.

Simon: Oh come on, dude. You’re not Raj now.
Kunal: What is that supposed to mean? The Lion King is a beautiful movie about life, but also very sad.
Simon: It’s for kids. You’re grown up.
Kunal: It’s not for kids. Some things are for kids AND adults. Also the musical is so great, and not only kids watch this.
Melissa: Stop with that, guys. Let’s try this and focus that we want to see things again the way they are.

They put their keys together, holding it high in the air, in the middle of the circle. Big flash light crosses them, and after the light is gone, everything looks like Sheldon and Leonard’s apartement again.
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